Friday, July 9, 2010

Aliens-Friends or Foes

The earth was made millions of years ago and to know how it was made we have to go 40 million years back in time and find out about it. It was accidentally that life was created in the quick sand kind of a thing which was very hot and boiling. These living cells collided with each other for millions of years and finally a creature was formed. It is probable that these creatures had same organs that we have especially feet because if they lived on land they must be having feet. If there was light they must be having eyes also just like us. Some creatures on other planets must be living on nitrogen and they must have adopted those climatic conditions and can live in the presence of nitrogen. But there is one thing needed for sustenance of life and i.e. WATER, so let’s assume that they must be living on liquid nitrogen.   

Jupiter and Saturn have a huge amount of gas and is also possible that aliens r also made of gas and take energy from lightening and is also possible that the mode or method of intake of food in aliens is also like us only. There are many planets/stars present which are not inside Saturn but outside the planet. "Euroka", the moon secretly revolving around Jupiter has a layer of ice which is 24 kilometers thick and the temperature is -162 C. There must be living creatures here also and they could be like the sea creatures that we have on Earth . But they must be thinking that they have this world only and must be unaware about millions of stars and planets and this universe. It would probably take them millions of years to come out of that 24 kilometers thick layer of ice and then develop some technology and contact this world of ours. They must also be traveling in groups or secreting a fluid that produces light  .On 16th august 1977, a radio station in Ohio detected some sound radiations which was named as “WOW!” tune. Dr. Ahem and other physicists tried to find out about the radiations by sending the radiations on that same path but they were able to detect nothing. The conclusions drawn from this are that it is not an easy task to detect the signals from aliens and also the aliens are 200 light years away from us this means that those signals from the aliens took almost 200 years to reach us and the signals that we have sent will take 200 years to reach them. It is possible that they must have forgot that they had once sent the signals and probably not respond to our answers. It is also possible that they can die till the time our signals reach them and if it happens we will not be able to get the answers back from them. One more possibility is that they could have stopped/blocked their age and would have become immortal. It is being planned that in coming years we will send some humans to Mars and after that on Euroka but it would take millions of dollars, double or triple of the expense in that Mars project. If there are aliens we should pray day in and day out that they should become our friends not our enemies.